Chasing the Flashing Red Dot

We have a feline. A couple of days prior we tracked down a phenomenal substitute for her adoration for ‘pursuing the ball’. A laser pointer!

Rather than a ball, which we need to get each time we toss it for her, we found that the laser pointer inspires us to remain in one spot while our feline goes around like a distraught hatter pursuing the little red dab. It is astonishing to watch! She never needs to surrender. She pursues it over and over however consistently to find that it has continued on toward another spot. She gets to the new spot and finds it has moved once more. By and by she pursues it. Never a snapshot of rest for her little legs. Her little heart thumping quick she pursues for about great 20 minutes and she drops on the floor in sheer depletion.

Watching my feline pursuing the red dab, it struck a chord that we carry on with our lives pretty much in a similar style. Obviously, we don’t pursue a red spot yet rather we pursue something we call ‘Bliss’. Assuming you take a gander at what you do in your life, don’t you find that you do what you do on the grounds that you need to be content? You need to bring in more cravebooks cash so you can perhaps have a blissful retirement or go on vacation or have a major house and extravagant furnishings. You experience passionate feelings for and get hitched so you can live cheerfully ever later. You get a feline so you can watch her pursuit balls and be blissful. Stand by listening to music, go to the club, purchase new garments, get a makeover and a lot more things. What for? Just to be content!

Don’t you find that regardless of what you do, satisfaction, is subtle. You assume you have it, to observe that it is lost once more. You go on a vacation and you are cheerful however when you need to return home, it makes you less blissful. You find that you have purchased the place of your fantasies to find that you need to stress over paying the home loan or getting furniture or shielding it from criminals. You might try and have the truly amazing line of work, yet it causes you to get up regular, early morning so you need to get to work. You get a makeover and find that you age at any rate regardless of the number of makeovers you that do.

I view this as very unexpected. Can any anyone explain why when we at last figure we can unwind and be blissful, we find ‘oh no’ we really want another thing to be content. We purchase another house and get another love seat, do up the nursery so we can unwind. Yet, when we at last sit on our new love seat, in our new home, watching the nursery, we think ‘Gee ought to get a glass of wine’ or ‘Gee wish my dearest companion were here’ or ‘Gee ought to change the curtains’. What we have is at this point not sufficient. Our joy lies in the following item: in having a glass of wine or our dearest companion being there. For what reason is it we can never track down joy and make it never-ending. For what reason is it so subtle?